Ulcer Sensing

Ulcers are a major concern in hospitalized patients who are unable to move or change positions without assistance. This can increase the discomfort and pain of the patient, as well as the workload of healthcare practitioners. Sensors that can detect when patients need to move and send alerts when necessary are likely to be an important step toward improving patient care

Leaf Patient Sensor by Leaf Healthcare

Leaf Patient Sensor by Leaf HealthcareThe Leaf Patient Sensor is designed to automate patient-turning schedules in hospitals to minimize the risk of hospital-acquired pressure ulcers. It is a wireless sensor that is placed on the patient’s upper chest. It contains a tri-axial accelerometer to monitor the patient’s position accurately, send alerts when assisted turns are required, and ensures that an adequate number of turns are performed. Data are transmitted to the user interface, which stores patient data safely and securely.