Fetal Monitoring

Fetal monitoring is a very important part of prenatal healthcare, particularly in at-risk pregnancies. However, many fetal monitors are large and must be connected to machines and computers, making it uncomfortable for the mother and requiring hospital care. Smaller and more efficient monitors that can process important parameters related to the mother’s and baby’s health will reduce the stress and healthcare burden for the patient.

Novii Wireless Patch System by Monica Healthcare

Novii Wireless Patch System by Monica HealthcareNovii is a wireless maternal-fetal monitoring system for that does not require any transducers, belts, or leads. It consists of a “peel and stick” patch that contains electrocardiogram (ECG) electrodes and is attached to the abdomen, and a small pod that connects to the patch magnetically. The pod picks up maternal and fetal ECG and electromyography signals, and then filters, digitizes, and processes them in real-time to extract data on the fetal heart rate, mother’s heart rate, and uterine activity. These data are sent to the Novii interface using the pod’s inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity. The interface is reusable, and it transmits data from the pod to a standard fetal monitor in the correct standard format. It is designed for mothers with a high body mass index.