Senior Care

Many elderly individuals become forgetful and infirm, which can lead to a failure to take medications, falls, confusion, and becoming lost. This can be dangerous and stressful for patients, as well as their caregivers and families. Any devices that can improve the quality of life of elderly patients by allowing them to maintain their independence in a safe environment will reduce the healthcare costs and burden significantly.

Kanega by Unaliwear

Kanega by UnaliwearThe Kanega voice-controlled smartwatch is designed to help elderly individuals stay safe, active, and independent. If the patient is in distress or has fallen, they can speak to the watch, which connects directly to an operator who can call the patient’s emergency contacts or dispatch emergency assistance if necessary. It also contains technology to detect long periods of immobility or falls, and will ask the patient if they require help. Because it keeps track of movement, it can give directions home should the patient become lost. It can also link directly to the patient’s pharmacy to keep track of required medications and send reminders when medications need to be taken.