Fertility Monitoring

For women who wish to become pregnant, being able to monitor ovulation can greatly increase their chances of a successful conception. Women commonly achieved this by measuring their body temperature on a daily basis (since temperature increases before ovulation), as well as keeping detailed records of their menstrual cycle over time. In recent years, insertable and wearable devices have been developed that collect and record these data automatically, making fertility tracking easier and more accurate.

OvulaRing by VivoSensMedical GmbH

DuoFertility by Cambridge Temperature Concepts
OvulaRing is designed to help women understand their menstrual cycle and determine their window of fertility to identify the best time for conception, as well as understand when contraception is necessary. This is achieved by providing continuous temperature monitoring and allowing users to detect the increase in core body temperature that occurs immediately before ovulation. The device consists of a temperature sensor, which the user cleans, activates using the OvulaRing readout unit, and inserts into a plastic ring. The ring is then inserted into the vagina, and can be left there continuously for up to 30 days. The user can remove the device at any time to read their data to assess their body temperature. The manufacturer hopes to receive FDA approval in 2016.

DuoFertility by Cambridge Temperature Concepts LLC

OvulaRing by VivoSensMedical GmbHThe DuoFertility system consists of a small, discreet temperature sensor and a password-protected app on the user’s computer, tablet, or phone. The sensor is worn below the armpit; it collects body-specific information and sends it to the app. Users can also enter additional information into the fertility profile in the app, such as hormone test results, the timing of intercourse, and cervical mucus observations. The app includes smart technology that learns from menstrual cycles over time to help you identify the user’s fertility window ten days in advance. Furthermore, DuoFertility advisors are available to send to key fertility-related alerts.